Charles Jaco showcases his one of a kind talent during “NewsMakers,” an issue-driven talk program. NewsMakers is timely, detailed and relevant to today’s most important news topics. Jaco has an uncanny ability to access a news situation and report on it in a manner that make’s it interesting and understandable to everyone. When a big story breaks, Jaco is there.

Catch NewsMakers Monday – Friday from 2:00-4:00 PM on KMOX News/Talk 1120.
Opinions are like belly buttons-everybody has one, and some are uglier than others. Often talk radio just turns into an avalanche of opinion. Jaco’s NewsMakers program on KMOX raises the bar for talk radio by going after the top newsmakers themselves. Jaco became the first American radio host ever to broadcast three days worth of programming, live and uncensored, from Cuba. Jaco broadcast live from Rome and Mexico City as he flew on the plane with Pope John Paul II during the Pontiff’s trip to Mexico and St. Louis. The Associated Press called Jaco’s News Makers, “ground-breaking”. St. Louis’s Riverfront Times calls it “brilliant”. Sorry, but KMOX is not yet on Real Audio. But listen to 1120 AM and make up your own mind.

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