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Charles Jaco’s decade of public speaking has taken him to corporate boardrooms, university campuses, luxury cruise ship theatres, packed amphitheaters, and intimate seminars around the world.

His inspirational talks cover international and national affairs, how the media works, stories of courage and overcoming insurmountable obstacles, and how the lessons he’s learned in a lifetime of journalism and world adventure can help enrich everyone’s lives.

If you would be interested in having Charles Jaco inform, entertain, amuse, and inspire your group or organization, in the United States or abroad, just click on the links at the bottom of this page.

Here’s the reaction to some of Jaco’s speeches and appearances:

“His parallels about success in the military and success in business inspired our people like no other speech I’ve ever heard. It was inspiring, eloquent, and witty. It’s tough to get this crowd to applaud politely, and Jaco got a standing ovation.”
–Vice-president, SensorMatic corporation

“Our audience contained doctors, professionals, and journalists from throughout our region. You can imagine how tense it was to fill an auditorium with professionals from Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia, the United States, Greece, and twenty other countries. But Mr. Jaco’s speech about First versus Third World medicine in the 21st century united all of them in applause. It was humorous and uplifting at the same time. Bravo!”
–Chancellor, Aristotelian University, Thessoloniki, Greece

“It was possibly the most successful lecture series we have ever had aboard the Statendam. Our two-story auditorium was packed for each of Mr. Jaco’s four speeches. In fact, demand was so great for his analysis of current events that we had to cancel other activities scheduled at the same time, since everyone was at his speeches and question and answer sessions. Our passengers loved it!”
–Cruise Director, ms Statendam, Holland America Lines

“Mr. Jaco’s witty, urbane opinions and stories about politics and personalities in the Caribbean helped turn a cruise to Barbados into an exceptionally enriching experience for all of our guests.”
–Cruise Director, Queen Elizabeth II

“Jaco kept a roomful of several hundred go-go dot com CEO’s, COO’s and CIO’s riveted while he talked about inspirations and challenges from around the world. He managed to bring each one of those stories back home to inspire these men and women to reach new heights in the new economy.”
–Vice-president, Civic Entrepreneurs Organization

“Our passengers expect only the best, and that is what they received from Mr. Jaco’s lectures. His inside look at South American politics and the continent’s role in the next century fit our passanger’s perfectly during our cruise around Chile, Cape Horn, and Argentina. Mr. Jaco’s lectures were wonderfully successful.”
–Cruise Director, Royal Viking Sun

“The military and journalists usually mix like oil and water. But Mr. Jaco has the respect of men and women in uniform throughout the world because of his experiences. His speech was a revelation and an inspiration to all of the officers in my command.”
–Commander, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

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